About Boatplans.dk

Why you should choose boat plans from Boatplans.dk?

What I believe

I believe that building boats should be fun and not frustrating. That’s why I set in all effort to make the boat plans as easy to follow as possible. 

That said no one can guarantee, that you won’t run into problems, and that’s why I also guarantee you, that the help is only an email away. 

Sent me an email and you will in most cases receive an answer the same day, and it will not be just some sales person writing to you. 

You will receive an answer to your question from me the designer, and I can assure you nobody knows the design better. 

So don’t forget…
…You’ll never be left alone.

My background

I finished my apprenticeship and worked several years as a fully qualified boat builder. Later I got a degree in Naval Architecture at the Technical University of Denmark. 

The large interest in boats, and in particular small boats, has lead to building and designing boats of all kind and all sizes, in length from 10 feet to 350 meters (1148 feet). 

Beside the boat plans you se on these pages I also do custom designs. This means that if you have an idea for a boat you would like to build I can do the design for you. So whether you dream boat is a 12′ dinghy or a 65′ ocean cruiser feel free to contact me, so we can work out a design that suits your dreams. 

My service

I invented the downloadable boat plans. The boat plans that you receive right away. No need to wait for the snail mail to arrive. 

And not only do you receive your new boat plans right away, you can also print extra copies of your boat plans, and that’s a nice feature to have, when bringing the boat plans to your workshop. 

My guarantee

I have the strongest guarantee in the business and it is quite simple… 

I take all of the risk. If for any reason, you come to feel that the boat plans isn’t worth what you paid for it, I’ll give you a complete refund immediately. 

As I see it, it can’t be made simpler. Check out other sites and see if you get a guarantee that is similar or even close to this.

My purpose

Why am I in business? For me it is not as simple to make a profit. Like any company it requires a profit to stay in business. But it is not the reason I am in business. 

The thing that has not changed from day one is the desires to make better boat plans and give better service. This is, and always will be, why I am in business.

Why I don’t have a dot com domain

Many have asked us why I don’t have a dot com domain. The reason is simple. I am Danish and have worked with boatbuilding for many years. Therefore I have the Scandinavian boatbuilding tradition in my blood. 

I am proud to be a part of this tradition that can be traced back more than 1000 years. The first to really start this tradition was the Vikings. Their ships were some of the most advanced and seaworthy ships build at that time and the development here in the Scandinavian area has been going on ever since. 

So that’s why I don’t have a dot com domain. I simply want to be sure the visitors understand that the background from which I develop the designs, has a deep foundation in a really long history of successful boatbuilding and boat designing.

All the best,

boat plans
Morten Olesen
CVR: DK33752113