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Affiliates and friends

My good friend and partner, Theo Kiers, from Holland is selling my boat plans in Holland and translated into Dutch. Visit his website Boot Bouw Tekeningen:

Matt Langenfeld from JEM Watercraft.

Our designs are available as boat kits in Denmark.

Our designs are available as boat kits in Germany.


Mark Bell has built a 10' Row boat. Take a look at the pictures on Mark's Facebook gallery.

Marie Lorenz:
Marie is using a 15' Dinghy as a Tide and Current Taxi. Take a look at the great adventures in the New York Harbor.

John Errington:
John has built a 15' Daytrip canoe. Take a look at his website.

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Morten Olesen, Naval Architect/Owner - Hyldvej 1A - DK-4540 Farevejle - Denmark

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