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About the boat plans

Downloadable boat plans

"I know nothing about boat design, boat building or boat architecture but I feel as if I have hit a gold mine in the designs you provided. Getting anything on the internet is always a crap shoot, so thank you for making it a pleasant experience.
Your plans are beyond my expectations. I really can't wait to get started."
Wayne Lancaster, USA

The Downloadable boat plans contain detailed dimensions for every panel needed to build the boat. Beside that the boat plans comes with assembly drawings, bill of materials and building instruction.

When you have submitted your order and made the purchase with credit card you will receive an email with the download instruction. You will then be able to download a file containing all the plans needed for building the boat.

You will download a zip file. In order to unzip this file you will need some software. WinZip is the most used software. If you don't have the program you can download a free trial version from here:

(Most computers running Windows XP has the WinZip installed already, so maybe you don't need the program).

The zip file contains all the plans. The plans will be present in both pdf and dxf file formats. The content of the files are exactly the same. The only difference is that the dxf file can be edited.

To view and print the Downloadable boat plans you will need the Adobe Reader. If you don't have the program it can be downloaded from here:

Adobe Reader
The program is absolutely free to use.

The dxf files can be read and edited using various software see paragraph 'The free dxf files' further down this page.

"I love the plans and I can't wait to try this boat on our backwaters here in Florida."
Jon Baldia, USA.

Free dxf drawings

All the free drawings presented on this site are made in dxf-format. It is done because it is a proven format witch almost all cad-programs can read.

This means that you have to have a cad-program of some kind to make the measurements on the drawings. In the free plans I do not give you all the measures for making the hull-panels and frames.

For measuring the panels you can use a large variety of cad-programs. The most well known is properly AutoCAD.

If you do not have access to this or an other advanced and expensive cad-program I would suggest that you try some of the programs listed below.

Especially the ProgeCAD LT 2005 is a nice program to work with and is fully functional in 2D. It is based on the IntelliCAD (AutoCAD clone) core.

AutoDesk has chosen to stop the free download of their VoloViewer, but there is other alternatives. Please have a look at the list below. Especially the Free DWG viewer from Infograph and Bentley viewer from Bentley (they make MicroStation) are excellent viewers.

Free cad programs
ProgeCAD LT 2005

Free cad viewers
Infograph Free DWG viewer
Bentley viewer

All the free drawings at are made for a cnc-milling/routing machine. This means that the sheets can be milled and leaving the work with cutting the sheets to a minimum for you.

So have a look in the yellow pages for someone near you who can make the cnc-milling if you prefer this option. I do reckon that it is not that expensive as one may think.

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