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FREE 3D Boat Design Model With Every Order of Boat Building Plans

Amazing computer technology lets you see your boat fully completed - inside and out - before you begin to build the boat.

View video showing the 3D model in action:

It is always easier to build something when you have an exact replica to follow. Since I'm unable to ship you a full-scale boat with your boat building plans, I decided to do the next best thing. You'll get a FREE computer-generated, 3D boat design model to guide you step-by-step as you build a boat.

3D models for Boat plans

Virtually Tour Every Inch of Your Boat Design

With just the click of a button and the drag of your mouse, you can view every corner, seam, fillet and joint of your boat design conveniently from your desktop. But that's not all. You can also...

3D models for Boat plans

Zoom - Zoom in to see precisely how the different parts of your boat building plans are assembled. Getting an up-close look at the details before you build a boat reduces your chances of making fatal mistakes.

3D models for Boat plans

Pan - View the entire length of any section for greater understanding and accuracy when building.

Rotate - Top, bottom, sides... roll, turn and flip the boat design 360 degrees in every direction for an all-encompassing look.

3D models for Boat plans

Cross Section - Cut right through your virtual boat at any point to see a detailed horizontal or vertical cross section. Enormously valuable during the assembly phase!

3D models for Boat plans 3D models for Boat plans

Measure - Choose from U.S. standard or metric. Measure any part of your boat building plans to check and double check as you go through the steps.

3D models for Boat plans
3D models for Boat plans

Highly user-friendly and intuitive, this incredible computer software gives you the ability to view every angle of your boat design. And it's so simple to master. If you can use Microsoft Word, you'll quickly become a pro at maneuvering through your digital boat design.

Use With the FREE Boat Building Master Course

I want your boat design to come to life with the least amount of stress and the most enjoyment possible. That's why every order of boat building plans comes with the amazing 3D Virtual Model and also a FREE Boat Building Master Course. Add to that the detailed instructions included with the plans themselves plus assistance directly from me via email, and you have an entire package that practically makes failure a non-issue.

View video showing the 3D model in action:

Order Boat Plans Today

and Get Your FREE Virtual 3D Model

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